A deliciously rich and magical dessert wine with intense flavours of pear and apricot.

This is the fourth dessert wine I have made from the small patch of viognier in my vineyard at Tabilk, in central Victoria. The fruit is left on the vines late into Autumn, when the days are long and the nights cool. The grapes slowly shrivel and raisin giving the wine a wonderful richness and intensity.

This year the fruit was again touched by the fabled 'Noble Rot' Botrytis Cinerea. Brought by a burst of heavy rain late in Summer, it turned the grapes an ugly, furry purple and intensified the flavours even further.

With delicious hints of ripe pear and apricot, this wine is perfect with a platter of farmhouse cheeses at the end of a leisurely meal, and is quite magical with the caramel flavours of a tarte tatin. Enjoy!


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