A special release Syrah with ripe flavours of cherry, spice and long firm tannin.

My family have been in textiles for generations.

Taking lustrous silk from China or fine Australian merino, they would weave bolts of cloth with great pride, and marvel at how the simple strands of raw yarn transformed into something so beautiful.

This Syrah is a tribute to my father, uncle and grandfather, and to the generations before them who were weavers.

Lovingly crafted from Shiraz and a small portion of Roussane, grown side by side on vineyard at Tabilk, the grapes were all picked on the one day and fermented together. This Shiraz brings deep red colour, ripe flavours of cherry, spice and long firm tannin; the tiny parcel of Roussanne brings perfume to the nose and silkiness and complexity to the palate.

'Good depth and hue; the intensity and depth of the spicy/savoury black fruits has been highlighted, not negated, by the co-fermentation of 3% roussanne. The oak acts synergistically with the firm tannins, giving the wine authority, and a long cellaring future.'

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