Bursting with fresh apple and pear, this aromatic sparkling wine is perfect for any time of the day.

Prosecco is both the name of the grape variety and the fresh, aromatic sparkling wine it creates—a wine to be opened spontaneously and enjoyed young. Its nose and flavour burst with fresh apple and pear, finishing with an exuberant hint of lemon. Gentle bubbles and low alcohol make it perfect for any time of day—a relaxed brunch, a light lunch or a pre-dinner aperitif, perhaps served with a dash of Aperol, mineral water and a twist of orange for a stylish spritzer—or simply shared with friends for no particular reason at all.

'Prosecco is one of the first grapes we pick and the first wine we bottle each year. Drink it on its own or with a dash of Aperol and soda—either way, it's just so good.'

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