A fragrant red with fruity hints of black cherry and a savoury tannin finish.

Negroamaro has emerged as the perfect red grape variety for our vineyard and the warm summers we enjoy here in central Victoria, and just right for the relaxed way we entertain and enjoy our wine and food.

Our first vintage captured hearts, selling out quickly. People loved its fragrance and haunting flavours of rose petal and white pepper spice, its fruity hints of black cherry on the palate and the savoury freshness.

The spice and black cherry fruit flavours and savoury tannin finish make it a wonderful partner to wood-fired pizza, spicy sausages charry from the grill, and rich robust pasta sauces thick with summer tomato, olive, capers and chargrilled eggplant. Like all of our wines, our Negroamaro is sustainably grown, with minimal handling at every step. It is also vegan friendly.

'A unique wine deserves a special label, and we're thrilled to feature artist, dear friend and Tabilk neighbour Rosa Purbrick.'

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