Fragrant, with enticing hints of white summer flowers and almond meal.

I have become entranced with Garganega in recent years; its fragrance, its texture, length and minerality, and the wonderful way it enhances the food with which it is served.

While one of the most famous white wine varieties in Italy, Garganega is hardly known in Australia. Fragrant, with enticing hints of white summer flowers, its palate is textured and almost creamy with hints of almond meal and balanced by a delicious minerality.

Vegan friendly, this first vintage of Garganega from our vineyard at Tabilk is everything I had hoped for. It is crafted with love, for you to enjoy on a warm summer night with friends.

'A unique wine deserves a unique label, and we’re thrilled to feature this work by artist, dear friend and Tabilk neighbour Rosa Purbrick.'

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