An elegant, aromatic red wine with a peppery tannin finish — perfect to serve with paella.

Originally from Portugal, Sezão is used in deeply-flavoured elegant reds and vintage port styles. The last of our southern Mediterranean varieties to ripen every year, the tiny bunches fit snugly into your palm, staining our hands an inky red as we pick.

One of our special ‘hand-crafted small batch’ releases, the wine it produces is deep and inky too, with a nose showing the fragrance of ripe summer mulberry. The palate has layers of savoury flavours, sinewy acid and a fine-grained, peppery tannin finish.

'Our Sezão is perfect to serve with a paella, fragrant with saffron and spicy chorizo, crispy roast duck or a spicy pork pasta dish.

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