A beautiful dry white with zesty hints of grapefruit and a briny complexity on the nose. Perfect summer drinking.

In our quest to run the vineyard sustainably and with minimal handling, and in tune with the seasons and our changing climate, we have been exploring varieties from the warmer climes of the southern Mediterranean. Here, they bask in our warm summers and make delicious wines and great partners to food.

Vermentino originally hails from sun-drenched Sardinia. We were attracted to its resilience in harsh conditions and the crisp wines it produces. It thrives in our granite sand, resulting in a beautiful dry white—with zesty hints of grapefruit and a briny complexity on the nose, and hallmark minerality on the palate.

At the end of a long hot day, partner our Vermentino with a dozen freshly-shucked oysters, or with a grilled fillet of flathead. And being vegan-friendly, it’s simply perfect with a summer pasta dish made from sun-ripened veggies and fresh herbs. Enjoy!

'We like to leave the newly fermented wine on light lees for a couple of months to build texture and enhance the delicious minerality our Vermentino has on the palate.'

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