Hearty Wines for Winter

So winter is on the way.

The mornings are crisp, the fires crackling, the leaves falling, the quinces fragrant as they ripen on the gnarled old trees around the house, and there's plenty of mushrooms in the paddocks.

Time to pull down some old favourites off the shelf – Maggie, Stephanie, Jamie and Rosa – and to start leafing through much-loved recipes to find good old fashioned slow cooked dishes to enjoy over the coming months. And time to enjoy some of our fuller bodied styles of wines.

We have two Roussannes available at the moment, the complex and elegant 2010 Roussanne and the lighter and fresher 2011 Roussanne, which although lighter in texture still lingers hauntingly in the glass long after the last drop has disappeared. No need to chill either before serving in this weather. Simply pull them out of the cellar and enjoy them with a rich and creamy chicken and tarragon pie, or a whole chicken roasted with garden herbs and lemon.

The 2010 Shiraz Roussanne is drinking beautifully at the moment, full of spicy cherry fruit flavours on the nose and a long, velvety rich palate. It makes a perfect partner to a slow cooked leg of lamb, cooked so long and slow the meat literally falls off the bone when you pull it from the oven. Don’t let anyone take too many of those crisp and crunchy sweet bits on the outside before you can get it to the table!

The 2012 Primitivo with its spicy flavours of Christmas cake on the nose and the robust and rich choclatey palate is gorgeous with a slow cooked ragu of meat and tomato on a thick hand-made pasta, or with a beef cheek steeped in red wine.

Shop online today or call us on +61 409 210 015 to arrange a purchase. Mix and match a dozen or get a case or two of each!

We'll deliver free, straight to your door. Which leaves the only worry for you to be the selection of food to serve it with, and the number of friends to invite to share the meal!