2014 Governor of Victoria Export Awards

It's been a busy and exciting couple of weeks for me, capped off last week with being presented with the inaugural Victorian Women in International Business Award at the 2014 Governor of Victoria Export Awards.

It's not often small producers are recognised in big state awards, so it was wonderful to receive recognition for the hard work that my small team and I have put in to our export endeavours in recent years.

I think it really is an award for resilience and persistence. It's been a tough few years for small wine producers, small business everywhere.

In the vineyard we have been buffeted by the elements – frost, flood, extreme drought and the threat of bushfires. And in the marketplace it's been no easier, with the challenges of chronic oversupply of grapes and wines, fierce competition from imported wines, the GFC, the high Australian dollar.

But I have found if you gather some good people around you, listen to their advice and grab every opportunity that comes your way to show your wines or talk to people about your wine - whether that be at a local event like the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival or a Super Trade Mission to China - you're halfway there.

Of course, equally important is a close relationship with your customers, and it's for this reason I would like to thank you all for your continued loyalty and support.

We can't wait to share more exciting news, invitations and special offers with you very soon.