Stories from the Vineyard

In the world of wine, winemakers normally get all of the attention but at Box Grove Vineyard, we would like to introduce you to the team that helps make our wine great.

For time to time, Vanessa and Kristy will share some of the highlights and daily challenges of managing a small but busy vineyard. Through their stories and photos we hope you'll get to know us and our team a little better.

Here's a little of what happened this month...


Little Rosie

Last Thursday, we saw dark clouds making there way from Melbourne, just as we were training the young grafts we have growing in the block furthest from the vineyard. Somehow we managed to get all of our work done before the deluge started. With so much unexpected rain this month, we'll need to keep a close eye out for fungal disease.


This lovely little bird is lucky to be alive—thankfully our vineyard dog Rosie wasn't around when he fell from his nest !! We were busy plucking leaves from one of the French varietals to reduce the risk of mould, when suddenly this tiny feathered creature fell. It was just after the deluge too but surprisingly he wasn’t even wet—the vines kept him well protected.

Bird in a nest

Words by Vanessa Malandrin
Photos beautifully captured by Vanessa Malandrin and Kristy Harding.