Verjus, lime juice and gin.

Harvest Home in Avenel is a grand old Victorian-era pub, lovingly restored by the Lewis family, showcasing local winemakers and our abundant local produce in tasty seasonal menus.

Our verjus is regularly used in the kitchen and in their delicious Gin Gimlets, the recipe for which follows.

Start by making a verjus syrup equal parts verjus (one bottle) and sugar (750g). Simmer until the sugar is fully dissolved, then steep plenty of citrus zest into the mixture: zests of Kaffir lime, Tahitian lime, lemon, Bergamont and finger lime.  Shake well and store in the fridge... after a few weeks the syrup will be ready.

45ml gin
20ml verjus syrup (see above)
30ml fresh lime juice

Mix in a cocktail shaker with ice, pour into a coupe glass, and garnish with a delicate little flower: perhaps a Geraldton Wax or Baby's Breath.

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