Cellar Door by Appointment

I have long wanted a cellar door, somewhere I can pour wines for family and friends—new releases, new varietals—and talk about how we made them, what food they go nicely with, the bounty of this region.

I’ve been undecided whether to site it in Avenel or Nagambie, share it with someone else, or do it on my own. Until I can decide if Nagambie is different after being bypassed, or whether a place comes up near the fabulous Bank Street Pizza in Avenel, I have settled on something a little different...

I've decided to offer a cellar door by appointment service here at the farm.

Maybe you're planning a day or a weekend in the country? Call ahead, and we'll agree a time I can greet you here at Box Grove and pour you some wine. We can sit and talk on the verandah overlooking the creek, or inside by the fire if the weather is too cold.

I have done exactly this a few times in recent weeks for good customers, and it’s been fun. I have loved showing people around the farm—the silos in which we have built the drying racks for some of the Primitivo fruit, the chooks that help make my vineyard compost, the quinces we will be using at the forthcoming lunch with Rosa.

If the idea appeals, give me a call on +61 409 210 015.

Hope to see you soon.