2013 Prosecco Release

One of the first grapes we pick each year is the Prosecco. It is also one of the first wines to be bottled every year.

It goes through two ferments, one from grapes to a crisp, light dry white wine. And the second, in a big tank, to get it's lovely little bubbles, which we capture by bottling as soon as the ferment is complete.

Our 2013 Prosecco has just finished its' second ferment and been bottled and labeled. Just in the nick of time really, as we are down to the last few cases of the 2012!

The 2012 Prosecco was our first release of that variety and had some great press and a great reception from wine lovers and restaurateurs around town. Jane Faulkner wrote it up recently in the Saturday Age, recommending it for drinking on Mother's Day.

She liked its "zingy and vibrant hints of citrus blossom and the touch of creaminess, citrus and pear on the palate". She also likes the fact that it is "super dry", not cloying or sickly sweet.

The Bank Street Wood Fired Pizza and Garden served it by the glass over summer. And the newly opened Rosa's Kitchen in the city has just listed it by the glass!

A girlfriend texted me a month or so ago and told me she had discovered her new favourite drink—a Prosecco Spritz—something she tried during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival at the Gertrude Street Enotecca.

It took me ages to get the recipe of how to make the Spritz from Jamie Broadway at the Gertrude Street Enoteca. Finally I just hung around at the bar until he wrote it down and took a picture of a glass of it!


1 part Aperol/Campari/Maidenii
2 parts Prosecco
1 olive
Orange slice or peel
Splash of soda

Jamie said it was so popular over March and April that it was their biggest selling wine by the glass! Try it yourselves at home, as a refreshing drink on its own, before a meal or with a panini or little tasty morsel.

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