An intensely flavoured savoury wine with the sweet fragrance of clove, black pepper and all-spice.

When searching for an Italian red variety to plant, I knew wanted to produce a rich and flavoursome wine, good to drink with a hearty, slow-cooked ragu over winter, but also to suit our warm and sunny climate. Primitivo, a native of sun-soaked southern Italy, inky red and full of spicy blackberry flavours, was the perfect choice.

To ensure the flavours were deep and concentrated, we restricted crop levels to one bunch per shoot; time consuming but worth it. We then built racks into two old silos on the farm. Here one-third of the crop was dried to concentrate the fruit flavours further. These raisined and intensely flavoured grapes were then fermented with the rest of the crop—a modern Australian spin on an age old Italian winemaking tradition.

All these things have contributed to make a complex and deliciously savoury wine, with wonderful flavours of ripe summer raspberry and pomegranate, and the sweet fragrance of clove, black pepper and all-spice.

'This is very good if one enjoys the dry structural focus of classic Italian reds and the parry of amaro bitterness with the thrust of savoury fruit flavours. Melded across low yielding fruit, some of which was intentionally desiccated on racks akin to an Italian Appassimento style. The result is compelling cocoa and orange zest. The tannins are expansive and mouth-eating. I love this very much.'

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