A complex varietal, with a deeply flavoured palate with a long, elegant finish.

Australian winemakers are a resourceful, innovative bunch. If you like the complex flavours of bottle-matured sparkling wine, and the haunting flavours of Roussanne and its deep acid backbone, then why not make a Sparkling Roussanne by the Traditional Method?

We have been hand-crafting this stylish wine for over 11 years now. Enjoyed in some of Melbourne's finer restaurants and bars, it has helped celebrate many a special occasion. Quietly maturing for five years on lees before disgorging has resulted in a complex and yeasty nose and a deeply flavoured palate with a long, elegant finish. Salut!

Sarah Says
'I often see people raise an eyebrow when they see that my sparkling wine, made by Methode Champenoise, is made from Roussanne. Why Roussanne they ask? Because I grow Roussanne of course! And I have made a speciality of understanding the variety and how you can achieve different levels of varietal flavour by picking fruit from different parts of the vine at different levels of ripeness.'

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