A complex varietal, with fruity aromas of freshly crushed pear.

As a lover of sparkling wine—and roussanne—it was a natural progression to make a sparkling wine from roussanne. I can confidently say that this is the first sparkling roussanne ever made—anywhere!

With its complex, yeasty flavours and delicious fruit aromas of freshly crushed pear, I will always find an occasion to open a bottle—for a celebration, to share with friends as an aperitif or with a light sorbet or poached fruit at the end of a meal. Enjoy!

Sarah Says
'I often see people raise an eyebrow when they see that my sparkling wine, made by Methode Champenoise, is made from Roussanne. Why Roussanne they ask? Because I grow Roussanne of course! And I have made a speciality of understanding the variety and how you can achieve different levels of varietal flavour by picking fruit from different parts of the vine at different levels of ripeness.'

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